Multiple Intelligences



The intelligence of every human being is as unique as a fingerprint. We think with sounds, colors, words, movements, numbers, empathy. We think creatively, we think differently. The theory of Multiple Intelligence is a very powerful tool for every help parent and teacher which can assist them to discover and develop their children’s and students’ skills.

Multiple Intelligence is a learning theory developed in 1983 by Dr. Howard Gardner, a professor of cognition and education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. It is based on the belief that each individual has unique intelligences through which he or she is able to learn or understand new information.

Intrapersonal: Reflection, Experience, Metacognition

Linguistic: Language, Words, Argument

Bodily-Kinesthetic: Motion, Creation, Body

Naturalist: Nature, Observation, Experiment

Spacial: Space, Model, Dimensions

Musical: Listen, Sounds, Music

Interpersonal: Empathy, Communication, Relationships

Logical-Reasoning: Causes, Relationships, Conclusion

(source: Garyfalaki, E. (2013). Multiple Intellingences [In Greek]. Athens: Dioptra)

Here is a short video with a brief overview of Dr. Howard Gardner and his Theory of Multiple Intelligences




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